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Biblical Allusions

“Lord, how they’ve changed it in our ‘parlors’ these days. Christ is one of the ‘family’ now. I often wonder if God recognizes His own son the way we’ve dressed him up, or is it dressed him down?” (81)

Christianity and Biblical allusions, so common in our society today, have vanished in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451
“Had he ever seen a fireman that didn’t have black hair, black brows, a fiery face, and a blue-steel shaved by unshaved look?” (33)

Biblical allusions are used to influence the readers' opinions of the characters and to cut a line between the good and evil.



“Shut up, thought Montag. Consider the lilies of the field.

 ‘Denham’s Dentifrice.’” (78)

The clamour of society shuts out any religious or deeper thinking



“We’re all sheep who have strayed at times” (105)

We can see how the men in control have twisted the Bible to fit their means--the orginal meanings have been lost.